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Online Meditation

Online Yoga For Hypertonic Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Yoga teacher helping people living with pelvic pain feel their best through movement, breathwork & visualization.
I take my students from feeling hopeless and in pain, to regain control of their body and health through grounding and healing yoga practices.

Welcome to the space of less pelvic pain,

I'm Penny, a Canadian based yoga teacher living with Lichen Sclerosus, and on a mission to teach you pelvic floor yoga practices to help you live with less pain, more clarity, and feel the best possible.



Heal your body, mind & spirit

Yoga Equipment

45 minute yoga classes designed for people living with an overactive pelvic floor.
These are easy yoga classes that brings movement and breathe work together to ease mental as well as physical pain.

Yoga Class

1:1 Pelvic Health Yoga classes

Private Pelvic Health Yoga classes, can either be booked as one class at a time or as a package deal.
Email for inquiry

"Penny totally understands how it feels to live with pain. Her classes give me so much relief and have taught me so much. Like if I can just slow down and breathe, my pain will ease up. The classes can be done even while in a major flare.
They are that helpful. Thank you Penny!!!"


Work with your condition, not against it. 

I have been living with chronic pelvic pain since I was in my teens, and often along the road I've been feeling confused, scared and alone. When I turned to yoga in my mid-twenties I found a way to take back control of my health, both mentally and physically.

With my knowledge and experience I now empower other people to do the same.

"Penny's yoga classes are warm, inclusive, supportive and funny. They have helped me with my condition, and how I approach life with my conditions, more than any medicine, surgery or consultant. I am incredibly grateful to have found Penny."

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