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Online Yoga for Pelvic Health, offered for people living with overactive pelvic floor dysfunction.
We offer two different types of services.
Join us from the comfort of your own home!

The Pelvic Health Yoga membership

Image by Stephanie Greene

Live & on-demand Pelvic Health Yoga classes for people living with an overactive pelvic floor. These are easy, accessible yoga classes that bring movement and breathe work together to ease physical, as well as mental pain.

The Holistic Health Yoga program

Image by Katee Lue

An in-depth 4 week holistic program created for people living with an overactive pelvic floor. Learn proper breathing, breathing techniques, meditation, anatomy, nutrition, & movement to help support your body and mind.

"I have always felt like yoga is too hard for me, or that I simple cannot do it because of the pain, but after doing yoga with Penny it feels so right. It’s so nice to see that I can actually practice it, and that it does not have to hurt!"

- Student with a hypertonic pelvic floor & Lichen Sclerosus -

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