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The Holistic Health Yoga program

A 4 week journey for people that live with hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction and want to experience less pain & discomfort by reclaiming their power through yoga and a holistic lifestyle

What you'll learn...
  • How to relax your pelvis to decrease pain & discomfort without exerting yourself.

  • Feel relief from sadness, frustration, and anxiety that comes from living with pelvic pain.

  • Create a deeper connection to your body so that you can minimize pain by knowing what it really needs, instead of masking it by poppin' pills.

  • How to bring more movement into your everyday life without worrying about making the pain worse.

I personally struggle with pelvic pain so I can speak to some of the struggles you may be feeling.. so tell me, is this you?

  • Since your condition has always been, and always will be there, you believe you will always be in this much pain.. why even bother?

  • You fear that you'll never be physically active due to pain & fatigue, and therefore you never allow yourself to give it a try.

  • Your pain is more than just physical, it is affecting your mental & emotional health as well.

  • If feels like your pelvis isn't part of your body. You have been through so many struggles that your pelvis feels detached from you.

But what if this could be your reality instead?
Folding Yoga Mat
  • Have control of your health & body to live the life you deserve.

  • Have tools that you can practice daily to help you minimize pain & discomfort, and increase your energy.

  • Have a deeper connection with your body & pain, so that you can understand how to support it better (even before, during & after sex).

  • Feel more safe & supported in and by your body.

"I had been looking, for sometimes, for something that I could do personally do to alleviate the daily pain and discomfort that my conditions cause. The yoga program was ideal. To be able to work independently and privately was brilliant and had more impact than I had expected."

- Student with hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction & Lichen Sclerosus -

You'll learn..

Module 1

In the first module you will start to create your blueprint for the rest of your healing journey by diving into what health means to you and how you can start using a holistic approach to support your condition & your body.

Here you start to address one of the biggest culprits to your pain, your not-so-friendly stress, and what you can start doing TODAY to lower your stress levels.

You will also start to connect the dots between your pelvic pain and nutrition through doing a deep dive into your own nutritional intake.


Learning outcomes

  • What working from a holistic approach really means

  • Stress affect on the pelvic floor & what to do about it

  • Environmental factors for pelvic pain

  • Evidence based research on nutrition & pelvic health


Module 2

In the second week of the program you will look at what the mind-body connection is, and how using this approach can help minimize pain in your whole being.

We take a deep dive into chakras & meridians to support optimal functioning of your enter being. How do you think a closed Heart Chakra can hinder you on your healing path? This is the module to get that answered.

By working with your energy system you will help support your mental, physical and emotional health to optimize your healing.

Learning outcomes

  • Use the Mind-Body connection to support your journey

  • Tools that will take you from a limiting mindset to a healing one

  • Successful

  • Energy work for your pelvic pain & overall health

  • Chakra yoga series for balancing your chakras

Module 3

In the third week you will do a deep dive into how your body functions so that you can communicate better with your body & your health professional. You will learn the anatomy of the pelvis, how fascia works and also look at your posture to support yourself the best that you can.

Here you will also learn more about yoga and how yoga can help you ON & OFF the mat, not just when it comes to yoga poses but also the philosophy behind yoga. 

Learning outcomes

  • Bony & muscular anatomy of your pelvis

  • Fascias role in your pain

  • A deep dive into yoga for not just your pain but also for overall health

  • Posture work to support your pelvic floor


Module 4

In the final module of the program the main focus is breathing.

Breathing properly is crucial for your pelvic floor for you to live with less pain, but also for your overall health. Not only will you be able to connect properly with your pelvic floor after this module, but you will also be given breathing techniques to help calm yourself down, energize or centre yourself.

You will also find a meditation technique that work specifically for you, so that you can start to connect with yourself on a deeper level to decrease mental & physical worries. 

  • Proper pelvic floor breathing

  • Breathing anatomy

  • Breathing techniques for physical, mental, and emotional health 

  • Meditation to support your healing journey


Weekly LIVE Pelvic Health Yoga classes

On-demand yoga classes:

Chakra series Pelvic Health Yoga classes

Advanced Pelvic Health Yoga classes

Yin yoga classes


Weekly workbooks & journaling prompts

Private community board only for people participating in the program

VIP access to special pop-up workshops & classes

Lifetime access

"After doing the program I feel like I am in more control over my body, I also feel more safe and that I actually know myself better."

- Student with hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction & Lichen Sclerosus -

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