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  • Penny Petersson

An easy yoga sequence for pelvic pain

This is one of the easiest ways to start incorporating yoga into your daily routine and help with your pelvic pain - body awareness. SO EASY! And I know what you might think, "okay, that sounds boring so now you've lost me." But stay with me..

Body awareness is one of the key things to help support your body. Therefore, I have created an unclench yoga sequence that you can do at any time, while watching TV, sitting at work, meditating, preparing for sexy time, getting cozy in bed - especially when you're ready to go to sleep, it is very relaxing! While you are clenching parts of your body you are most likely clenching your pelvic floor as well; which can cause you even more pain. This sequence will help you relax and also teach you more about your body - start to make the connections, investigate, get to know your body! So freaking important on your healing journey.

Yoga sequence to unclench your body:

Think about each body part, are you clenching? Notice if you can start to slowly let it go, relax that body part. Do you think it's safe for you to unclench? If not, why? Maybe journal on it. What comes up for you?

  1. Toes

  2. Quads

  3. Fingers

  4. Shoulders

  5. Neck

  6. Face - forehead, around your eyes, around your ears

  7. Jaw

  8. Tongue

  9. Belly

  10. Glutes

  11. Hips

  12. Pelvic floor - think release perineum

Breathe into it those parts, feel yourself letting go, relaxing.

If you want to learn more easy and effective ways to ease your pelvic pain by using yoga, check out the Pelvic Health Yoga membership. It comes with a 7 day free trial, and then it's only $37/month! I would love to guide you through your next practice.

Enjoy your unclenching sequence! With kindness, Penny


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