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The Pelvic Health Yoga membership

Live & on-demand Pelvic Floor Yoga practices for people living with overactive pelvic floor dysfunction, for them to relax, stretch and create space in their pelvis, body and being.

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Decrease pelvic pain

By inviting in more movement, breathwork and body awareness you will ease pain and tension, not just in your lovely pelvis, but in other body parts that may be affecting your pelvic pain as well. 
 Learn simple yoga practices to relax, stretch and create space in your pelvis & mind.
More oxygen, more blood flow, and new energy.

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Invite in an energy shift

Get more pelvic support

Whether the energy shift is needed mentally, emotionally, or physically, the Pelvic Health Yoga classes help regulate the nervous system, invite vitality and bring peace into your body and mind. 
You will be using different yoga techniques to support your entire self, bring the body into a restful state and help improve sleep.

The Pelvic Health Yoga classes give you tools that you can use before and during pelvic exams, procedures, and while using your dilators/wand.
Many of the students find that the need to see their pelvic physio has decreased or subsided since starting to move their body more.

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Increase motivation

The students in the Pelvic Health Yoga membership have reported feeling more motivated to not only move their body more, but also motivated to try things that they didn’t think was possible - and also realizing that it is possible!
Riding a bike, dancing, having sexy time. 

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Find a community

Increase body awareness

By joining the Pelvic Health Yoga membership you will spend time with others who are going through the same, or similar, things that you are. We often share before and after class what we may be struggling with, and find support from other students. This community will help you feel less lonely and overwhelmed. 

By inviting in mindful movements you will get more in tune with the sensations in your body and get to know your body better. By bringing yourself back into your body you will start to feel like you are taking back some of that control that may feel like you have lost.


"I absolutely love the classes. I have never been able do yoga previously but Penny made the class accessible and the poses could be modified for my restrictions. Personally, I am generally tense and I never relax. Each class, I was able to relax enough during Shavasana that I fell asleep. That says a lot!! Penny's energy and enthusiasm is an added benefit."

How the Pelvic Health Yoga membership helps you

Have you ever been given stretches for your pelvic pain but you don't find yourself doing them? Or you can't seem to find any relief in them?
Have you heard how working on optimizing your breathing can help with your pelvic pain but you don't know where to start?

The Pelvic Health Yoga membership was created with your pelvis being the main focus, with practices that will make you live with less pain, therefore feel better.

The membership makes it easy for you to create a practice that gives you just the support you and your pelvis needs. 


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Student testimonials
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What's included?
  • weekly Live classes taught through Zoom

  • Uploads of the live classes on to the membership site for those that cannot attend the class live or wants to make that class their new favourite!

  • On-demand yoga access in the form of:
    Pelvic Health Yoga classes
    Breath work 
    Pelvic Reset poses
    Pelvic Flows
    EFT (tapping)


  • Facebook community for you to ask questions, get support and vibe with others

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Penny, I stumbled across your Instagram page in June 2022 when I was in a pretty desperate situation with pain, feeling very low. I remember joining in a free session and instantly felt connected and understood by others who felt similar feelings to me in their pelvic area.

Pelvic Health Yoga has given me the greatest gift of re-connection with my body, mind and soul. I’d fallen out of love with myself over many years of unexplained discomfort. Now I am so grateful for my body and I am much more attuned to it.
Thank you for you Penny, for your light, your energy and your knowledge. Thank you to the other wonderful women who have shared their pain and stories through your sessions too. No one is alone when they are connected to Pelvic Health Yoga with Well-being by Penny. 

Even if you're in a lot of pain these classes are designed to help you decrease your pain levels and help you feel the best you can feel.
As soon as you sign up for your free trial, you'll be granted instant access to the Pelvic Health Yoga membership. After your 30 days free trial has ended, you will be billed CAD $49/month for as long as you are a member!


"Penny's pelvic yoga has been life changing for me. Not only has it helped alleviate my pelvic pain but it has also helped my mental health."

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I have tried yoga before but it didn't help with my pelvic pain, how is this different?

These classes are pelvic floor focused classes. They are taught specifically for people with a hypertonic (overactive) pelvic floor, where each pose is carefully chosen to help relax your entire pelvis.

I have never practiced yoga before, is this for me?

Absolutely, the classes include easy poses which are done mostly lying down, seated, or on all four. It is a perfect way to start your yoga journey!

I'm worried I can't do certain poses, is it still worth it for me to join?

Definitely. I always provide modifications for the different yoga poses, and if you find that your body can't move as easily one day, maybe just stay in the beginning meditation. Maybe you find a favourite pose that you just don't want to leave, because your body feels safe and supported in it - then stay in it. Just by showing up in an environment where the focus is healing and support can help tremendously with your pain.

I feel uncomfortable having my video on while practicing, can I still join?

ABSOLUTELY! You are going to notice that I often say "this is your practice", you are in charge of everything - that includes the way your body moves that day, and whether you want the camera on.

I don't have any fancy yoga gear/props, can I still join?

Show up in your most comfortable clothes (baggy pants, boxer shorts, nothing!) , and anything can be used as props - think pillows of different sizes, blankets, or even rolled up towels!

You can even do your practice from your bed if you choose to.

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Yes, you can choose to cancel your membership at anytime.

Can I get a refund?
No refunds will be provided once the purchase has gone through.


And remember, this is Your practice. 

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