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  • Penny Petersson

24 things to raise your vibration

believe pelvic pain & mental health go hand in hand, and most research does as well. We have all probably had our own journey when it comes to this. A study done in 2019 showed that when a group of 100 women suffering from chronic pelvic pain was compared to a group of 100 pain free women, the prevalence of anxiety (66% vs. 49%) and depression (63% vs. 38%) was higher in the group of women suffering from chronic pelvic pain.

I myself have had my journey with this. I have been diagnosed with depression, and I’ve had really bad anxiety (I put ‘I have had’ because I choose to focus on going towards a place where this is occurring less). My mental health is more stable now, but the anxiety still hits me every once in awhile, and my mood swings are often through the roof.

Feeling low, off, or unbalanced, is a state of low vibration. We want to increase our vibration so we feel a little bit better in the next moment. I’ve created a list of high vibrational things to do on the days you feel a little bit off:

1. Meditate 2. Go for a walk 3. Find support in essential oils 4. Focus on the breathing 5. Watch a funny movie 6. Or an inspirational one 7. Call a funny friend 8. Take a long shower 9. Go get a massage 10. Read a book 11. Go shopping (erm. yeah) 12. Change of scenery (go to the gym maybe? Even though you might just go there to stretch a change of scenery can help a lot) 13. Spend time with family 14. Be creative 15. Visualize how you want to feel 16. Drink a cup of warming herbal tea 17. Find a new hobby (who said that knowing how bridges are built isn’t fun?) 18. Get stuck in MEME land (yes, I actually love this one because I end up laughing my ass off). 19. Take a day off social media 20. Engage with someone you find inspiring (I go to the local crystal store, all of them are inspiring working there) 21. Write your memoars 22. Forgive yourself and your surroundings 23. Practice yoga (there it came) 24. Go out and hug a tree, or stand with your bare feet on the ground (just get nature in there, ok?)

What do you do to get yourself out of your funk? Let me know and I will add it to the list. Bookmark this page and you can come back to this whenever you feel like you need to!

With love,


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