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  • Penny Petersson

Happy New Year to your beautiful pelvis

So, we've entered into a new year, yay! Let's start this year off the best way possible, by making your pelvic feel better, in the easiest way. I want your pelvis to be happy, and so do you, that's why you're here:

  1. Think about your posture How are you sitting or standing right now? This is something I talk a looooot about in my yoga classes, because it is so important *hmm I definitely just adjusted my posture*. While sitting, sit on both sitz bones - such an easy way to support your pelvic floor. This will bring in more blood flow, make it easier for you to breathe properly, let the energy move freely - and you're on your way to living with less pain. If you sit on your tailbone, or tuck your tailbone, think scared cat. What do cats do when they're scared? But you're not scared, you are freaking awesome and here to heal your entire being.

  2. Start paying attention to your breathing The way you breathe can affect your pelvic pain tremendously. We want a flowy breath that travels all the way down to your pelvic floor *cue posture*. If you haven't looked into pelvic floor breathing yet I recommend you doing so, or check out the Pelvic Health Yoga membership where this is something we work on in every yoga class.

  3. Move as much as you can And when I say this, know that the movement can be small. It can big. It can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a walk, cat/cow, hip circles. Just start moving. I truly believe that when we move more we help ease the pain, otherwise you're gonna literally get stuck in your pain.

  4. Be kind to your pelvis Yes, you may be in pain. And how often are you hating on your body, your pelvis for it? Start believing that your pelvis is doing the best that it possibly can to support you. When your pelvic floor muscles are tight it's probably because your pelvic floor is trying to protect you, we have to start re-training the pelvic floor to be able to relax. Tell it it's safe. Work with it, become best friends. Me and my students we sometimes even talk to our pelvises, tell your pelvic how much you love it!

If you need more help being guided through movement, breath work and meditation then the Pelvic Health Yoga membership is the place for you to be. If you've got any questions regarding the membership feel free to reach out to me. Take care of your beautiful body, Penny


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