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The small things count on your pelvic healing journey

I often come across that we have this idea that in order to support ourselves and our pelvis we have to do something really grand for it. And thinking like that may put a halt to us moving forward on our healing journey.

Yes, the grand things are important, but so are the small things.

And, if you don’t know by now, I like to make things simple - that’s why we are here 💁🏼‍♀️ you with me?

Here are some things you can pay attention to in order to support your lovely pelvis today

👉🏽 Are you constantly tucking your tailbone?

Coming from a dancers background I was brought up always being told to “tuck my tailbone”. And when I went to get help with my low back pain, this was the number ONE thing that the health care providers I saw told me to do (However, since starting to support my pelvis my low back pain is basically gone, ta-da! Thank you yoga).

When you are constantly tucking your tailbone, you are shortening the pelvic floor muscles, and you may be causing even more pelvic floor dysfunction. Think of it as a cat/dog being scared. What does a cat do when it's scared? It tucks its tail. Start to pay some extra attention to if you are, out of habit, tucking your tailbone.

👉🏽 Are you sucking your tummy in? Again, we’re taught to believe that we always have to suck our tummies in because, “they are not enough”. When you are doing this out of habit, day after day, you are putting a downward pressure onto your pelvic floor. Imagine a big troll or King Kong (like in an adventure movie) holding you and squeezing you - what do you think will happen? I may be over-exaggerating here 😉, but, I am tired of us thinking that our bellies aren’t good enough. I talk a lot about letting the belly be in my yoga classes. For instance, if you are lying on your back and rolling onto your side, do you let your belly just be or do you find yourself sucking it in? If you're doing doggy style in the bedroom, are you sucking your belly in because you think that your belly isn't good enough (why do you think I'm asking this question? You are not alone). Let your belly be, let your belly breathe. Which takes me to the next point,

👉🏽 Are you taking shallow breaths? Living in the day and age that we are, many of us don’t use our breath optimally, we are often so stressed that we’re only breathing in the upper chest - not paying attention to take those beautiful diaphragmatic breaths. Your pelvic floor wants to feel that breath too, as your diaphragm expands and descends, your pelvic floor wants to descend with it ⬇️ think of a flower blossoming as you inhale, and the flower closing as you exhale.

👉🏽 Are you slouching? Coming back to the tailbone, and your posture. What postures are you habitually taking? How is your posture supporting your pelvis? A Netflix posture every now and then is not gonna be the worst thing, but if you’re always sitting in a slouched position, perhaps all day, without inviting in any movement, in front of a computer - this will impact your pelvis, and not in the best way. If you play around with some pelvic circles right now, shift the weight from front to back, and land on both sitting bones - find your neutral pelvis. Now you are supporting your pelvis physically, but it will also be easier for you to invite the breath into your pelvis. As you are reading this, what is your posture like?

Support your pelvis and it will support you right back 💗

What is one of these things that you will start working on today? Tell me in the comments 👇🏽


All of the above...did you send this for me today? I love this and have recently been really trying to pay attention to the way I stand and hold my self along with how I walk. This is so helpful!!

Penny Petersson
Penny Petersson
Mar 01, 2023
Replying to

Perhaps it was meant for you 😉 That's amazing to hear, go you for doing that for yourself. Thank you for being in this space!

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