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  • Penny Petersson

3 things to do for your pelvic pain this Xmas

So, the holidays are approaching, and this might be a stressful time as it is already, but sprinkle a little bit (or a lot) of pelvic pain on top of that and we might have a fucking disaster on our hands.

For many of us stress has a huuuuge impact on our pain, and I thin we all want to have a smooth sailing, low pain Christmas. So let's make it as easy as possible, and do these things to support your well-being this Christmas:

1. Eat the damn cookie

Many of us know that certain foods might cause a pelvic pain flare, and it fucking sucks. Food in itself can cause a lot of stress around the Holidays, and if a certain food doesn't work with your condition, we might also stress about the fact that we ate that very thing. If that's you and you still chose to eat it, witness the conversation you're having with yourself. Please, leave the hate, the self-loathing and the punishment - it doesn't serve you any good, not your body or your mind. You ate the cookie, did you enjoy the cookie at the moment? Good. Then leave it at that. That's all that matters. And if you get a flare, don't beat yourself up over it. I know, it fucking sucks, but what's done is done. Take the time to rest afterwards, use all the tools you have to support yourself. Food is so much more than just what you eat, it's happiness, nostalgia, social, it might even be about the food-orgasm. And don't even get me started on the whole "I got to work it off after Christmas..." No, you do not. You are lovely just the way you are, even if you ate the damn cookie. Or ten. Also, remember to relax your belly, your pelvis will love you for it.

2. Set boundaries (you have the right to do so) You don't want to go for your annual Christmas walk because you're in pain? That's okay. You gotta do what feels good for you.

And don't let anyone trash talk your health, whether that is: "You look so skinny." "You Have To eat grandmas pie." "You seem pretty good considering you are in constant pain." If auntie comments on what you eat, or how thin you are, or how you decide to live your life, let her know you're not interested in having that conversation. This is your life, and your life only. You don't owe anyone anything. Your only aim should be to make yourself feel as good as possible, and enjoy the holidays to the best of your ability. If that entails telling someone to f off, then do so. Merry Christmas!

3. Get some movement up in there You're lying in bed in the morning worrying about how you're gonna get through the day? Move into a child's pose, close your eyes, and breathe into your pelvis. Feel your pelvic floor move with your breath, feel your amazing belly pushing against your thighs. Not only will this help with the worries (you bringing all of your attention to your breath - calming the nervous system), but it will also help ease your pain. If you're watching a Christmas movie - go lie on the floor/rug/yoga mat and move/stretch your body a lil' bit. Your pelvis will love you so much for it. If your family thinks you're weird and they comment on it, again, tell them to F off. And also let them know that you like being a weirdo. PERIOD.

And if you're getting yourself a Christmas gift this year, let it be something that support you to where you're heading, something that makes you feel the best that you can possibly feel. Check out this gift guide from The Happy Pelvis, or join the lovely people in the Pelvic Health Yoga membership.

With the membership you will have access to on-demand yoga classes 24/7, and even if you have just 15 minutes for yourself - you will definitely find a yoga tool that suits you in there and will help with your pelvic pain. A gift you give yourself and your health is never wasted money.

Merry Christmas you lovely person! xx Penny


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