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  • Penny Petersson

6 things to support your sleep

Being someone that lives with pelvic pain I try to support my body, my being, through every area of my life. Sleep is one area I've always struggled with, and if I have a poor night's sleep I am like a completely different (more angry) person. And in a lot more pain the next day; I want to feel good. That's why I am here! So today I give you a list of things you can do, and work on, so you can live happier and with less pain! Remember, all of the work we do right now, is a work in progress. It might take time to build a new habit, and be kind to yourself.

  1. Turn off the phone one hour before bed This is something that I am working on. The endless scrolling is something that I am trying to decrease right before bed... anyone else? Blue light from your devices disrupts your hormones, and therefore your sleep. Do you tend to lie on your phone right before going to sleep (in bed), and then you have trouble sleeping? Maybe try to put it away a couple of hours before bed.

  2. Take supplements to support sleep Whether it's Valerian Root, magnesium, or melatonin, there are so many supplements out there to support yourself. At the time it's magnesium, for so many reasons than just for sleep.

  3. Essential oils that support a calming effect Lavender, Balance blend, Cedar wood, Frankincense, Vetiver. These are some of my top oils I use before bed. I either pop them on my feet, or around my neck.

  4. Sleep supporting teas There are so many lovely tea to support your sleep out there, and how amazing is it to cuddle down with a cup of tea before bed?!

  5. Make it dark I cannot sleep if there is any disturbing light, or I have a really bad sleep. I always have my eye mask with me, anywhere I go to spend the night!

  6. Practice restorative yoga Yoga that puts you in the parasympathetic, rest and digest, state. Deep belly breathing, child's pose, alternate nostril breathing, legs up the wall.

What are some things that you are working on to support a better sleep for you at the moment? Tell us in the comments!

With love, Penny

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28 oct. 2022

I love the butterfly pose before sleep. Usually I find it helpful to have a little talk at night with my nerves (if I have nerve pain) or my muscles (if the pelvic floor is acting up). I acknowledge their presence and the way in which they are trying to protect me and then I tell my nerves or muscles that they can let go, that they don't have to guard so much, that I am safe. I also find positive physical affirmations helpful especially if I am anxious. Words like "my body knows how to heal", "I can trust my nerves to heal with time", "I know every cell in my body is designed to heal", or "I ca…

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