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  • Penny Petersson

Heart Chakra healing for Pelvic Pain

Welcome to part 4 of the Chakra Healing for Pelvic Pain series, if you haven't read the previous pieces, you can find them down below!

Today we are talking about the fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra is located in (you guess it!) the middle of your chest.

Your Heart Chakra: Colour: Green Element: Air

Love, others and for oneself Healing Forgiveness Gratitude Peace Compassion Joy Generosity Physical part: Heart, lungs, chest, arms, and hands

They say that the Heart Chakra connects the lower and upper chakras, acting as a bridge between earthly matters and higher aspirations.

How is this connected to your pelvic pain? Well, experiencing pain in the body parts we do - vulva, vagina, bladder, uterus, all of this is taboo. It might cause a lot of shame, and often times we don't speak about it. How would this maybe affect your Heart Chakra? Shame is completely opposite to love, healing, forgiveness. It has a dark energy, same with fear, anxiety and worries that many of us experience. Where do we often physically feel these emotions? In our chest (or belly, hi Solar Plexus). Whenever you feel those emotions in your chest, can you maybe start to visualize your heart energy (healing, love, forgiveness, compassion), take over. Visualize it washing away the lower energy feelings.

It is often said that when you really lean into the feeling of gratitude, so that you feel it in every cell, the lower-vibe feelings are harder to feel.

If your Heart Chakra is blocked you may experience grief, anger, jealousy, fear, and hatred towards yourself and others. Also, think about your posture - is your shoulders rolling forward, trying to protect your heart?

What can you do to activate/balance/open your Heart Chakra?

  • Chest openers: lie on a pillow and open your arms out wide

  • Carry a Rose Quartz with you

  • Practice gratitude: think of 3 things you are grateful for every morning

  • Use essential oils: Rose, Geranium, Passion

  • Cat/cow pose

  • Sphinx pose

  • Puppy pose

These last 3 yoga poses are great for the pelvic pain as well, I often teach them in our Pelvic Health Yoga classes. If you want more guided Pelvic Reset poses, check out the Pelvic Health Yoga membership.


I choose love over fear.

Is there anything else that you can think of that you can do to activate your Heart Chakra? Comment down below!

Lots of love, Penny

I acknowledge that I am not a doctor, and this post is not supported by scientific research. I work from a holistic perspective and I like to work with the energies in my entire being. I share my way of working with my condition, and my students condition/s, in hope that it will inspire you to look further than just the physical part. Take what resonates, leave the rest.


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