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  • Penny Petersson

Throat Chakra healing for Pelvic Pain

Welcome to part 5 of the Chakra Healing for Pelvic Pain series, if you haven't read the previous pieces, you can find them down below!

Today we are diving into the fifth chakra, the Throat Chakra.

The Throat Chakra is located in your, hmm, throat.

Your Throat Chakra: Colour: Blue Element: Ether

Communication Speech Speaking your truth, with yourself and others Self-expression

Physical part: Thyroid gland, mouth, jaw, pharynx, palate, shoulders and neck

When I work on my Throat Chakra it often brings up a lot of emotions, and whenever I've seen a healer my Throat is one of the chakras that is often blocked. I've always had a hard time speaking my truth, and lean into my self-expression.

How may the Throat Chakra be connect to your pelvic pain? I look at it this way, living with pelvic pain, it is often hard to talk about it without tearing up. There is a lot of emotions that lives in it. Speaking your truth with your partner and your health care professional can be extremely difficult, because often we might not feel heard, or we don't know how to explain ourselves - it's hard to communicate properly.

And if we think about where the Throat chakra is located, it affects the entire neck and shoulder area. Many people with pelvic pain also live with TMJ, tense shoulders, some of us living with Lichen Sclerosus also have thyroid issues. There is also fascia that runs from your pelvic floor muscles to your jaw muscles.

If your Throat Chakra is blocked you may experience issues with communication and self-expression, neck and shoulder pain (not backed by science).

What can you do to activate/balance/open your Throat Chakra?

  • Sing

  • Hum (any vibrating sounds will open up the Throat Chakra and is amazing for your Vagus Nerve)


  • Use essential oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus

  • Neck rolls

  • Cat/cow pose

  • Lions breath (breathing practice found in the Pelvic Health Yoga membership)

  • Supported fish pose

  • Thread the needle


I speak my truth.

Is there anything else that you can think of that you can do to activate your Throat Chakra? Comment down below!

Lots of love, Penny


We have now added another live yoga class per week in the Pelvic Health Yoga membership: The Chakra healing for Pelvic Pain series

If you found this post interesting to you and it inspires you to dive deeper and move more for less pain, I invite you to join us!

I acknowledge that I am not a doctor, and this post is not supported by scientific research. I work from a holistic perspective and I like to work with the energies in my entire being. I share my way of working with my condition, and my students condition/s, in hope that it will inspire you to look further than just the physical part. Take what resonates, leave the rest.


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