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  • Penny Petersson

What does a Pelvic Health Yoga class look like?

You are probably here because you live with pelvic pain, and you've probably heard several times "have you tried out yoga for your pain?" And I KNOW how frustrating it can be when someone throws that in your face. The thing is, when people ask you that question they are probably not referring to Pelvic Floor Yoga, because not a lot of people are aware that such a thing exists.

Pelvic Floor Yoga is taught with your pelvis as the main focus, either where the student's pelvic floor is overactive (hello!) or under active. Or both.

The Pelvic Health Yoga classes that I teach are for people with an overactive, or hypertonic, pelvic floor. Because, I know the feeling. I know what it's like to live with pelvic floor pain every single day and how that affects your overall quality of life. And I use yoga to help manage my pain, and often times I go days without pain. The beauty is though that when I feel come pain coming, I know exactly what to do to make myself feel better - I know exactly how to manage my pain. And That is what I teach you in a Pelvic Health Yoga class.

So, what do we do in a Pelvic Health Yoga class? A Pelvic Health Yoga class is designed for ever body, it doesn't matter if you have tried yoga or not, I aim to meet you where you need to be met. A class is usually 45 minutes long, with every yoga pose having your pelvic floor in mind. We start the class with a lying down meditation, with your pelvis in neutral, letting your pelvic floor know that it's safe and supported. The poses we go through in a class are either done lying down (on your back and/or on your belly), on all four, or in a seated position. I always give modifications to every pose and I invite my student to question if they are trying to fit into the yoga poses or if they can adjust the pose so that it works for, and feels good in, their own body. We move at a slower pace so that you can connect with your body, and also connect your breathing to the movements, this will not only make your pelvis feel incredibly good but it will also shift the energy in your entire system - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We always end the class with a meditation where I often invite you to investigate even further in how the class felt for you on that specific day. These classes are a safe space for you to create more body awareness, let down your fences and make yourself feel a lot better!

All of the Pelvic Health Yoga classes are taught online through the Pelvic Health Yoga membership, so that it is available to you wherever you may be in the world. You do not have to have your camera on, and you do not have to say anything, unless you want to, I'm preeeeeetty fun to talk to!

If this way of learning how to manage your pelvic pain resonates with you, I'd love to see you in class some day soon 💗


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