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  • Penny Petersson

6 ways to start supporting your pelvis today

I look at pelvic pain as a complicated puzzle  with so so so many pieces 🧩

Place one piece down and you're bound to find the next one.

I so clearly remember when I got to the part of my journey where I was really tired of being in pain, and without that drive I wouldn't be where I am today! I just had enough.

The truth is, that it all starts with You. You are the Only One that can take a step in the right direction. No one else.

I see this drive in my students over and over again. They show up to class and share their pains and struggles, but still they show up.

Because they get it!

You gotta start somewhere. And once you get a taste of that little faith, you just want to come back to that.

Whether you are sitting with that drive ready to make a change, or you're not (which will come), here are some things that may help inspire you to get started today:

Pelvic physio

I would have never been where I’m at today without pelvic physio, not only when it comes to my health, but also my entire life. I often hear that people find it uncomfortable going to a pelvic physio because they're scared that they have to do internal examinations, you don't! As with everything, you only do what you feel comfortable with, and they can also help you externally. Google it, make the call!


At first, as pelvic physio, they may seem scary. But dilators can help tremendously when it comes to pelvic floor pain. This is also a great way to get to know your body better. Intimate Rose is a very great one.

Pelvic Floor Yoga

When I took that first step in my "have had enough era", yoga was the thing that popped up. And I wouldn’t have found pelvic floor yoga without that first step. You can come move with me online in the Pelvic Health Yoga membership.

New underwear/pants

Let's be real.

How many pairs of underwear or pants do you have in your drawer that you are not using because of your pain? In the hope of being able to wear them some day. To me, that’s like the “skinny jeans”. It just creates more stress. Buy clothes you feel good in, that doesn’t cause you any pain!! Even if they’re not as pretty as you’d like them to be perhaps. And if one day you feel ready to wear the “pretty” ones (whatever that may be) you do like, buy new ones!! Let’s clean out that drawer, get some energy moving, and clear your head space!

Cold packs

It can be a bag of frozen peas, but don’t underestimate the power of the coldness 😉 You can get your Private Packs here, use the code WELLBEINGBYPENNY to save 💵

Organic/reusable menstrual products

In your traditional menstrual products there are many harsh chemicals and toxins, and wearing that against your already vulnerable skin (hello LS), or inserting that into your vagina which is absorbing all of that nastiness - how do you think that may be affecting your current pain? Pay some extra attention to what you wear during your period.


Once you start to dig a little deeper - put a puzzle piece down, you'll see that another piece will surely follow.

I often see that many of us have this idea that something has to work LIKE THAT (with the snap of a finger), otherwise we don't believe it will ever work.

In my opinion, that is damaged thinking, and it will stop you from moving forward on your healing journey.

The thing you choose to do next, whether it's investing in new underwear or airing out your vulva a little bit more, may seem small, but in the long run it's not.

Keep showing up and you are gonna feel so powerful, and one day you'll realise you've found something that helps you just a tiny bit.

Use that feeling to drive you forward in finding the next piece of the puzzle.

What will you do to support your pelvis going forward?

Tell me in the comment section.

With love,



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