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Let the focus be feeling good, your pelvis will thank you for it.

Welcome back my lovely friend,

It's been a minute! I recently released a new podcast episode, and for those of you who do not like to listen to podcasts - I create blog post for. Because the content is too good to be missed.

You know how there's a trend on social media right now: in's and out's? It got me thinking about what I wanted to bring with me into 2024, so that I can feel even better this year. Because let's face it, 2023 was hard, for many of us. And by focusing on feeling good, doing things that make you happy - that is gonna have a ripple effect throughout your entire life, including on your pelvic pain journey.

Because you only got one life, what are you gonna do with it?

So I wanted to share this list with you today, of things you can bring into 2024. We tend to forget that the small things can make a huge difference, and that's the vibe we're going for this year.

Things we are taking with us into 2024:

  • That ONE thing that helps for your pelvic pain. And let it be the first thing that pops into your head! It doesn't have to be something big. It can be taking your supplements, stressing less when getting into the car (this is me. I tend to tear my vulva when doing this), listening to a 5 minute meditation in the morning. Let it be the first thing that pops into your head - no explanation needed!

  • Dancing. If you've ever hung out on my Instagram story, you know that I love dancing in my kitchen - it's just a part of me. Because it brings me joy. It's funny though, I used to be a dancer, and I stopped because I got so much pain in my low back (which is connected to my overactive pelvic floor), but since I started practicing Pelvic Floor Yoga - dancing has entered into my life again (can I get a woop woop). And I absolutely love dancing first thing in the morning - a good tune to set myself up for the day - success.

  • Your Pelvic Floor Yoga practice. If you started practicing yoga for your overactive pelvic floor in 2023, even if it was just working on connecting with your breath - you're taking that with you into 2024. Maybe you will start to involve movement with your breath this year? Maybe you will get a deeper understanding of your pain and yourself? We're often on the look for the BIG things that will bring a huge change in an instant (so we don't *cough* have to do the work), but isn't that a little bit like cheating? Isn't the work a part of the journey of getting to know yourself? All the "small" steps you took in 2023, will get your further in 2024. If you started, don't stop. You might learn a lot about your body this year.

  • Hydration. Why are we talking about this again? Because we like to forget. Your bowels, bladder and fascia will all be so much happier if you kept up with your hydration. And all of those components impact your entire pelvis. TIP: Get yourself a water bottle that represents you, that brings you joy. Make it a part of your personal brand.

  • Things/people that make you happy. I often hear people trying to justify why certain things make them happy, because they may seem silly to others. We don't care about that this year. If it makes you happy, keep it in your life.

  • Good sleep hygiene. Hydration and looking after your sleep are two things we keep coming back to, because, again, we tend to forget. Myself included. How are you supporting yourself before going to sleep? Can you put your phone away, light some candles and drink some tea while talking to your partner? I know TikTok is fun and all, but it ain't got your best interest at heart, sorry.

  • Self-advocacy. We're definitely taking this one with us into 2024. It is 2024, and my friend, who has reoccurring UTIs when having intercourse STILL gets told that she should just break up with her partner, instead of being referred to a specialist. There's a problem here, and we were sent here to fix it so the next generations don't have to fight as hard to be heard. If you're not getting heard, go see another doctor. Find a community online that can teach you about your condition, do your research and take that with you to your doctor. Don't stop. You owe it to yourself and the people after you.

  • Your baddest effing side. You want to feel good in 2024? YOU can consciously make that choice every single day, in small steps. I don't always wake up feeling golden, and some days are really hard. But what is one thing I can do to bring up my vibration, even if just a bit? Then I try and do that. Not gonna lie, maybe first I need to a have a good ol' cry to be able to see what would bring me into another state. That's just how life works from day to day. And let it be okay.

Two gifts from me to you:

I went M.I.A in 2023 because of personal reasons, and I want to give back to this community to make up for that: 1. I have created a free e-book: Pelvic Floor Yoga at work. Many of my students come to me saying that their work is contributing to their pelvic pain, because they're either sitting too much, or they are experiencing a lot of stress. I created this e-book for that reason! So that your pelvis can feel better, and you can feel a lot happier. Get access to the e-book.

2. You can try out the Pelvic Health Yoga membership for 30 days. The membership is created for people with overactive pelvic floor dysfunction, and it includes live and on-demand yoga classes.

The trial period is now longer so that you can join in on a couple of live classes and try the practices to see if they are a good fit for you. Join the Pelvic Health Yoga membership.

Thank you for being in this space, eternally grateful 💗 Penny


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